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  • What is GLAUCOMA?
    GLAUCOMA FAQS: 1. Glaucoma  is a group of conditions that causes progressive, irreversible damage to the optic nerve in the eye resulting in vision loss.  2. Did You Know? Glaucoma is the second Read more
  • Why Children Need an Optometrist's Eye Exam
    "The pediatrician checks my daughter's eyes every year and says she is fine, but the teacher says she is having trouble in class." While we wholeheartedly support the pediatrician and his Read more
  • What is a frame show and sale?
    In order to provide you the greatest style options, we hold special sale events that enable you to find your perfect frames! Representatives from featured frame companies will bring their Read more
  • Make Up Tips for Eyeglass Wearers
    Since eyewear is now one of the trendiest accessories around, those of us who wear glasses need to know these make up secrets: 1.  Invest in a good quality, lighted magnifying Read more
  • Contact Lens Safety and Eye Health-- Do you really know how to take care of your lenses?
    I had a mother bring her 15 year-old daughter in this week a couple of days before school started to get contact lenses for the first time. The mother wears Read more
  • Odds are YOU suffer from digital vision syndrome!
    The average American adult spends 9+ hours daily on digital devices.  Of those, 65% complain of headaches, neck/shoulder pain and eyestrain when using your devices.  Speaking of devices, 70% of Read more
  • How do I decide to have refractive surgery?
    This is a decision you should make carefully and seek the advice of your optometrist.  The main reason people do LASIK is because they dislike wearing glasses and contact lenses. Read more
  • Concussion and Vision
    A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) that can affect your vision.  What are the visual symptoms of a concussion? 90% of patients with TBI will suffer Read more


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