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When glasses don't help my headache, but my headache seems eye-related

Do you get headaches that are worse toward the end of the day and worse when you are doing visually-demanding tasks?  Do you get neck strain, fatigued eyes, pain in one eye or the other that travels, light sensitivity or dizziness?  Is the headache concentrated in or around your eyes, on your temples and/or toward the back of the head?

These are classic symptoms of trigeminal dysphoria.  This is a newly-created term to describe this irritation of the trigeminal nerve caused by a mild misalignment of your eyes that leads to the collection of symptomology listed above.  These symptoms and their connection to headaches have been known for a very long time, but recent advancements have lead a more readily available solution called a Neurolens.  When no other cause of headache is found, the traditional answer is daily medication that can have permanent effects on your health.

What we have seen over the 3 years we have prescribed Neurolens treatment for chronic headache and digital vision syndrome is that most patients find relief.   Since the Neurolens treatment is simply a pair of glasses it is therefore relatively risk-free. We have seen over 80% of all our patients find relief and would recommend it to their friends and family, we are pleased to offer it to our patients.  Those patients who are very symptomatic are the best candidates for this lens.  

In some cases, we will recommend the Neurolens when patients are unable to wear traditional progressives and do not want bifocals. Sometimes we recommend the Neurolens if the patient needs more help with their binocular system than what a traditional lens will provide.

In all cases, we will recommend the best solution for your problem and then go from there.  We will listen and try hard to solve your pain.  Thankfully, pain and discomfort is not always necessary and we are here to provide solutions that really work.

To learn more about the Neurolens system, see www.neurolenses.com



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