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Make Up Tips for Eyeglass Wearers

Since eyewear is now one of the trendiest accessories around, those of us who wear glasses need to know these make up secrets:

1.  Invest in a good quality, lighted magnifying make-up mirror.  This is especially important if you are far-sighted (need glasses for near).

2.  If you are near-sighted, your lenses make your eyes and face look smaller.  In order to counter this effect, use shimmer and sheen to help draw attention to the eyes.

3.  If you are far-sighted, your lenses make your eyes look bigger, so downplay your eyes by using matte eyeshadow.

4.  Consider using a setting spray to minimize your makeup getting on your glasses and lenses.

5.  Since false eyelashes and long eyelashes can brush up against your lenses, consider using a mascara that gives volume instead of length.

6.  If your frame casts a dark shadow on your face, lighten your foundation.

7.  Complement the color of your eye shadow with the color of your frame.  Don't cheapen the look with clashing color.

Remember, your frame is a fashion accessory.  Don't hesitate to get different colors and looks in your frame collection to accessorize appropriately!


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